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During the “Tsubasa Chronicle,” Yuko Ichihara are a free-spirit which loves to eat, drink, and you may go on in love frustrated escapades

85. Suigintou

Inside “Rozen Maiden,” Suigintou ‘s the basic toy on Rozen Maiden Collection. Suigintou varies slightly within manga additionally the comic strip. From the manga, this lady has a cracked human body, plus in the latest comic strip, she’s a missing chest.

86. Sun

“My Fiance try a beneficial Mermaid” possess Sun Seto, an adolescent mermaid who saves an early boy from drowning. While the she’s still-young, Sunlight features difficulties maintaining the woman human setting, the lady tail reappearing any kind of time exposure to liquids.

87. Suiseiseki

“Rozen Maiden” informs the story of five animatronic dolls who mysteriously turn-up at domestic from Jun Sakurada. Suiseiseki is amongst the five dolls whom have to fight for every single most other toward possibility to getting a bona fide individual.

88. Taiga

Taiga Aisaka is one of the one or two protagonists off “Toradora!” Their tiny prominence and you may strong personality secure their the brand new nickname Palmtop Tiger.

89. Tamaki

Kendo prodigy Tamaki Kawazoe is nicknamed Tama-chan of the almost every other emails from inside the “Flannel Knife.” When you’re she has kendo, she has no much selection because she lifetime within an effective Kendo dojo possessed and you will work with by their father.

90. Tomoko

A lot of us can be select into smiling high schooler Tomoko Kuroki in the “WataMote.” Tomoko is somewhat socially awkward and not an informed in the speaking with others, however, the woman is constantly upbeat, Tomoko’s plans usually fail to dish aside since the she spends therefore a lot of time procrastinating.

91. Tooru

Tooru Honda is the form, cheerful, selfless central character from “Fruit Basket.” Laden up with optimism and you can empathy for other people, Tooru is really gentle, she discovers they impractical to say the lady contours when to relax and play the fresh new Sinful Stepmother in the university gamble Cinderella.

92. Tsukasa

“Fortunate Celebrity,” says to the storyline out-of five senior school lady, certainly just who are Tsukasa Hiiragi. This new sugar so you’re able to their twin-sister Kagami’s spruce, Tsukasa was smaller compared to the average kid and you will spends a lot of energy sleep.

93. Ukyo

When you look at the “Ranma ?,” Ukyo Kuonji chooses to live life given that a child immediately after distress ridicule in fighting styles classes. Immediately after losing towards the a great cursed springtime, Ranma Saotome can become a girl every time the guy becomes moist. Hilarity ensues.

94. Wendy

Within the “Fairy-tale,” Wendy Marvell was a beneficial dragon slayer who’ll affect sky. The lady power to eat air facilitate their heal, but this is hampered whenever this woman is during the polluted places.

95 Burada Еџimdi Г¶Дџren. Yakumo

On intimate funny comic strip “University Rumble,” new silent reputation Yakumo Tsukamoto could possibly read thoughts and correspond with ghosts.

96. Yoko

“Gurren Lagann,” says to the storyline out-of a pair of young ones, produced and increased from inside the a town underneath the Planet’s surface. The couple battles of a hit of significantly more than towards help of your own gun-wielding body dweller Yoko Littner.

97. Yui

Yui Hirasawa can not play something and you may suits the newest school’s White Tunes Bar because she thinks they gamble simple musical, however, this woman is completely wrong. “K-On the!” comes after this lady story since she is used by the club and discovers to experience drums.

98. Yuki

“The newest Melancholy away from Haruhi Suzumiya” is the story from a twelfth grade club concerned about the newest supernatural. Yuki Nagato becomes a bar user only because they begin conference regarding space in which she reads.

99. Yuko

Sora Kajiwara try a gifted singer just who offers the woman sketchbook that have the woman every where. That have an eye fixed getting detail, Sora attempts to just take the brand new transitory characteristics off life together with her artwork in “Sketchbook”.

100. Yuno

Yuno ‘s the protagonist of your anime “Hidamari Design.” This new series observe the story away from Yuno due to the fact she actually is acknowledged to help you artwork college, departs house, movements on Hidamari Accommodations, and you can makes loved ones.