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Which plan of one’s pursuing the manage tell you a correct succession of demographic changeover as the typically associated with the financial advancement?

What is Green Gold?

Just what part of nation’s interest in natural rubber is actually came across of the native design: (a) 80% (b) 97% (c) 86% (d) 100% Answer: C 156. Shield brings away from foodgrains has assisted the government to attain most of the but among adopting the: (a) resolve eating disease (b) maintain Personal Delivery System (c) implement work age bracket programmes (d) bring healthy food so you can people Respond to: C 157. Asia is claimed to settle another phase of demographic change as the: a) beginning rates are high however, -demise price try declining because of change in suit characteristics b) death prices and you can birth rates is decreasing greatly c) none of significantly more than d) both delivery and you will dying cost are highest Answer: A 158.

Reasonable birth price having lowest dying rates ii. Asia is actually a member of and this of the adopting the? Asia-Pacific Financial Cooperation ii. Colombo Package iii. Business getting financial venture and innovation (OECD) iv. Asian Development Financial Get the right respond to by using the code provided below: (a) 1 and you can 3 simply (b) 2 and you will cuatro only (c) step three and you may dos simply (d) 1, 2, step three and 4 Address: B 160. Supercomputer b. Another method into the age-business c. A separate approach from inside the bridge building d. A list from carries from higher enterprises Respond to: D 161. Which of following try/are product/ies on what subsidy is provided to growers/poor for the Asia? Fertilizer dos. Kerosene step three. LPG a) Just A-b) Simply B c) Just C d) An effective, B and you can C Address: D 162.

NITI on the NITI Aayog stands for a great. National Institution to own Going India b. Federal Facilities for Transforming India c. Federal Earnings to possess Move India d. National Establishment for Traveling India Answer: B 163. Think in Asia comes the expectations of: a. Important Legal rights b. Directive Prices off County plan c. Simple Responsibilities d. Preamble Address: B 164. Financial questionnaire was authored by : good. Ministry of Finance b. Think Fee c. Govt. Indian Statistical Institute Address: A beneficial 165. Dadabhai Naoroji theorised for the drain regarding wide range from Asia for the his guide: good. Poverty under British Code during the Asia b. Impoverishment in Uk Rule inside the India c. Poverty and Un-Uk Code within the India d. Poverty of Financial Drain for the United kingdom India Address: C 166. What type of the following is the proper series regarding coming down buy from sum of different circles towards the Terrible Residential Equipment off Asia ?

How much does Sensex relate to?

Services-Industry-Farming b. Services-Agriculture-World c. Industry-Services-Agriculture d. Industry-Agriculture-Characteristics Respond to: Good 167. Nationalisation from banks was done with the goal of: a. And that three of your pursuing the nationalized financial institutions was basically blended recently a beneficial. The Financial off India and you can Bank out-of India and you can SBI b. Main Lender off India and you will Firm Financial and you will Bank from Baroda c. Karur Lender and Financial out of Asia and you may Vijaya Bank d. Financial of baroda and you can Vijaya Financial and you can Dena Lender Address: D 169. Preciselywhat are gilt-edged ties? Bonds granted because of the multinationals b. Ties awarded because of the bodies c. Securities given of the private circles d. Ties provided of the joint venture enterprises Answer: B 170. The fresh properties of your Set-aside Financial of Asia is actually: step one. The brand new Ties and Change Panel from Asia could have been created so you can : step one.

Manage the new interests out-of dealers 2. To regulate the activities away from agents in the stock market step three. And therefore one of several adopting the ‘s the earliest Development Standard bank of India? UTI b. IDBI c. ICICI d. IFCI Address: D 174. And therefore big Indian lender has significantly more than 50 % control away from IDBI lender? UTI b. LIC c. ICICI d. IFCI Answer: B 175. Which one of your after lumen the Indian finance companies isn’t a beneficial nationalized financial? Organization Financial b. Dena Financial c. Government bank d. Vijaya Financial Respond to: C 176. Which of the following the ‘s the ‘relaxed route’ from borrowing within the monetary business? Playing cards b. Financing facing silver regarding financial institute c. Debit notes d. Loan provider Address: D 177. And this of one’s following is referred to as the newest setup economic climates?