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Because they travelling on shark, it find out about the dating along with other sea animals, in addition to demands it face

Contained in this event, the newest Kratt brothers pick an effective remora, and that motivates Aviva and come up with a good remora-designed submarine, and so they make use of it to adhere to the fresh remora, and soon after a light shark. Meanwhile, Cook Gourmand is finding an excellent white shark and wants to use the fins to possess their own type of shark fin soup.


The episode starts with a live-step portion. This new Kratt brothers look for orange sharks into the an orange shark garden center. After ward, it query their “Can you imagine?” matter, while the tell you changes on anime sector.

Stuck on the Sharks

Chris and you will Martin are seeking a light shark whenever an effective remora sticks so you’re able to Chris’s Manta Driver, which parece Sucker-Direct. Because the great light whales eat manta light, the brand new Kratt brothers realize the only method to safely adventure having higher white sharks is if they ride for the a remora-themed submersible. fuckbookhookup username Not long immediately following coming back back to the brand new Tortuga, Aviva builds him or her the fresh Remora Skyrocket Sandwich or simply just the new Remora Sub. New Kratt brothers jump into the, miniaturize, and you may journey out-of. At the same time, Gourmand gets to the latest docks and you may gets into a small angling ship, happy to find something on the water to cook.

The new Remora Skyrocket Sub has reached a “clean up channel”, in which seafood called vacuum fish come across unwelcome content off great white shark white teeth. Sucker-Head latches onto among the many sharks, and therefore es Razor-Lips. The brand new Kratt brothers install the fresh Sandwich to help you Shaver-Mouth’s underbelly, and you can Shaver-Mouth initiate her a lot of time traveling over to ocean. They first run into troubles when several orcas assault Shaver-Throat. After steering clear of the orcas, it check Shaver-Mouth’s human anatomy and see you to definitely Razor-Mouth area was an expecting mother – she’s alive shark pups development inside her.

Perhaps not far away, Gourmand is utilizing radar to help you detect the local college or university regarding tuna seafood, since the the guy understands that higher light sharks eat tuna seafood. Razor-Throat smells the institution off tuna fish, swims right up, and you may chews on one. Gourmand nets Razor-Lips, and consequently, the fresh Kratt brothers resurface. Gourmand therefore the Kratt brothers find both and the Kratt brothers ask just what Gourmand is doing and you can simply tell him one she needs to return to sea. Gourmand tells them that he’s and make shark fin soup, where he takes just the shark’s fins having their soup. Martin and you can Chris attempt to reveal to Gourmand that he shouldn’t capture this lady fins, while the without them, she’ll pass away. Martin and additionally informs him that she is going to have baby shark puppies, where section Gourmand splashes brand new Kratt brothers and you can shoots his vessel away. Aviva is amazed to hear that people actually take a look whales. Koki demonstrates to you that folks eliminate at least 100,100,100 whales every year, where below 10 someone die on account of sharks mistaking humans having natural prey. Aviva ends up you to definitely sharks do have more reason to be scared of anybody then they do of those. Aviva produces a Remora Stamina Disc and you can a great Shark Strength Disc, and you may Jimmy teleports these to Martin and you can Chris, respectively, exactly who stimulate their Creature Electricity Serves. Martin latches on to in order to Gourmand’s boat to contrary they and you will slow it down. Whenever you are Gourmand places new engine towards the full power so you’re able to counter this, Chris leaps out of the liquids and you can flips discover brand new cage holding Razor-Lips, launching the woman. Martin detaches, and Gourmand, along with his motorboat still into the full-power, gets caught within his individual cage, and his ship rate out aimlessly. Later, brand new Kratt brothers get back with the rest of the crew at an excellent shark nursery and you can experience the fresh beginning from Shaver-Mouth’s puppies.

The new show transitions towards the finishing live step portion. The brand new Kratt brothers let a couple of scientists perform a check into a lemon shark. Once they are carried out, this new Kratt brothers conclude the fresh episode because of the saying “Keep on animal adventuring; we shall view you towards animal path!”